1% Oxygen limit for biomethane injection agreed by HSE

HSE have announced that they have now issued a class exemption to GS(M)R to allow network conveyance of gas with an oxygen content <= 1% (molar) at pressures up to 38 barg. The exemption certificate will be held by HSE.

This now means that gas conveyors will no longer need to request bespoke exemptions to GS(M)R where:

i) Pipes used to convey gas with an oxygen content up to and including 1% (molar) are operated at pressures below 38 barg; and,

ii) The gas conveyed complies with all other requirements and prohibitions imposed by regulation 8(1) of the GS(M)R.

In the absence of a current industry standard for biomethane quality the gas distribution networks (GDNs) have all confirmed that, as part of their network entry controls, they will insist on the application of activated carbon filters by biomethane producers prior to network injection of biomethane. HSE is satisfied that this precautionary approach will ensure the removal of contaminants to a safe level until such time as an applicable industry standard becomes available.

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Source: http://www.biogas.org.uk/news/1-oxygen-limit-for-biomethane-injection-agreed-by-hse