Biomethane Tariff Consultation

DECC issued a consultation on Biomethane Tariffs on 30th May and reponses have to be in by Friday 27th .  See this link for the consultation documents.

The REA draft response is attached below and it would be appreciated if member comments on this are sent to copied to by Wednesday 25th June at the latest.

As many of you know from the reaction of those at the REA Biogas meeting of 5th June, the current proposals are totally unacceptable; instead of addressing the potential over compensation of large projects, the consultation suggest cuts in all capacities.   In conjunction with NFU and ADBA we have written to the Minister, Greg Barker, asking for an immediate statement that current tariffs will be retained for projects under construction or about to reach financial closure, and a paragraph on this reads:

“Feedback from those whose projects are under construction face the prospect that the tariffs proposed would render their developments uneconomic even before they are completed, whilst those who have not yet signed contracts report that the consultation has already stalled their projects.”

The full letter to the Minister can be accessed below